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IONIC3DP is an additive equipment manufacturing and R&D company that was established in Singapore. Following the success of a Kickstarter campaign, we expanded operations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India. 

From 3D printer manufacturing, we gradually expanded our services in Turnkey and innovative manufacturing solutions including high-reliability design services, end-to-end manufacturing (PCBA, box builds and product development), Industrial Automation, IoT, R&D services, electro-mechanical services and sourcing and procurement of components. 

We understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in manufacturing, and our experienced and well-trained engineers are dedicated to providing customised services and innovative solutions for all your project demands.

Our success story

Established IONIC3DP in Singapore

Design & development of Kappa 3D printer

Launched Kickstarter campaign for Kappa 3D printer

Worldwide distribution of first 350 3D printers

Expanded Indian Operations in Kerala

Launched Epsilon 3D printer(Made in India)

Launched additional products

Theta & Omega 3D Printers

Expanded operations in Chennai

Medical Systems during COVID19

Extended services as a One-Stop Design, Fabrication and Production Unit

Serving Mechanical, Electronics, Embedded and Software development companies

Setup assembly line for EMS services

Marked the sales of 1500 3D printers worldwide

Our Journey

A group of Tech and Engineering enthusiasts collaborated with the intent to build high-tech user-friendly printers that are customisable and affordable. KAPPA- The world’s first straight-line mechanism 3D printer on Kickstarter launched IONIC3DP in the global market. We successfully shipped around 350 printers to users worldwide.

From designing, developing and manufacturing customisable FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) & LDM (Liquid deposition Modelling) 3D printers we have expanded our capabilities. Our network of vendors and OEMs has enabled us to emerge as an end-to-end solutions provider.

Made our way into several fields such as healthcare and medical, defence, equipment manufacturing, commercial industries, consumer goods, and industrial products and growing.

IONIC3DP is your go-to-contract manufacturing solution provider!!

  • We are focussed on providing high-end services to our customers.
  • Unparalleled services equipped with advanced technology, modern equipment and a network of vendors.

  • We add value to your design process, be it at any stage

  • Well-trained and experienced engineers and staff, prompt communication and personalised service and solutions.


Simelabs , Aruvii and IONIC3DP together formed IndVentr. IndVentr in association with Prana Foundation of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), aimed to develop emergency care ventilation solutions for effective COVID-19 treatment. In order to meet the rising demands for ventilators the products were designed for rapid manufacturing. The models prototyped and tested for development are Inventr100, Indventr200 and iSave: Ventilator Sharing solution.

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