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Seamless product delivery from design to prototyping to manufacturing, Ionic3DP is an end-to-end service provider. Taking a design from concept to creation, we ensure to provide services that incorporate our advanced engineering skills and flexibility.  With several capabilities under our belt to function as a complete turnkey manufacturer. We strive to provide high-end engineering and manufacturing services to several manufacturing industries.

What can Ionic3DP provide as a Manufacturing service provider?

When you engage Ionic3DP as a service provider, we can fulfil all designing, manufacturing, EMS, fabrication, procurement, product development, and production requirements. We can leverage our skills, well-established network of suppliers, and fully and semi-automated equipment and tools to deliver services to customers. Some industries that Ionic3DP has served include defence, healthcare and medicine, automotive, electronics and consumer goods manufacturers.

Design Process

The design is the most important step in the process of any type of manufacturing. We provide services for product design or electronics design for product development. 

We are flexible in ways that the customer can bring us an idea and we design the product after extensive research or the customer can provide the design that might need changes or to procure the requirements to build a product. We also specialise in reverse engineering. 

Our experienced designers will provide you with the expertise to formulate a good design based on the specifications and requirements provided. After providing proof of concept, once the product and circuit designs are approved by the customer, they can be used in the next process of manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process

Apart from manufacturing 3D printers and PCB milling machines, we design, fabricate and manufacture several customised products as well as electronics in-house. Our manufacturing capabilities include the production of finished products, PCBs or custom box builds. We use manual and/or automated assembly at our facility to manufacture PCBs depending on the type, volume and requirement. Also, we design and manufacture prototypes for product development. We have a wide network of component providers who we source and procure good-quality electronic components from.


It is always advisable to build and test a product prototype as it can evade unnecessary expenses and fix the problem at an early stage of manufacturing. We will perform tests and inspect the components and functioning of the prototype and fix issues of any, if requested. Depending on customer requirements, the prototype can be put through Optical or X Ray inspection, environmental testing, assembly testing, and laboratory and compliance testing among others.


IONIC3DP provides services that can be customised depending on customer needs. We can help you build and manufacture fully functioning electronic products, build sample prototypes or help you with product assembly. We have the experience and the facility to take up high to low volume production.

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